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Important Policies


We do our best to ensure we’re sending our customers the highest quality garlic by hand packing every order, and inspecting every bulb prior to packing. However, we can not absolutely guarantee that our culinary garlic will maintain freshness in shipping. There are just too many variables at play that are beyond our control. Similarly, we’re confident our garlic seed can be successfully grown by gardeners and farmers of all experience levels, but we can not guarantee that it will perform for you in planting because we can’t control what happens in your home, garden or field, or what mother nature brings.


Yet, as you inspect your purchase, if you find an issue, we will gladly work with you to resolve it. We can either refund you for the amount of the garlic you wish to return, or exchange any unsatisfactory bulbs (subject to availability) on the simple condition that you contact us within 3 days of receiving your order, and return the garlic to us by mail within 7 days of receiving your shipment. Our liability is limited only to the cost of the garlic, however we will cover costs of shipping any exchanged, new garlic to you.



Because garlic, whether for seed or culinary use, is fresh produce that reacts naturally to its environment, it is subject to natural deterioration over time. Therefore, we can not be held accountable for problems you experience due to improperly stored seed or culinary garlic, even if you follow our storage and handling recommendations to the letter. Proper storage is key to getting the most out of your purchase, so please visit the Storing & Preserving Garlic and Growing Great Garlic pages to read up fully on how to properly store garlic before cooking and planting. 

  • Seed Garlic Storage Recommendations:

    • Seed garlic bulbs should be stored in a cool, dim/dark, dry, temperature-consistent, well-ventilated place off the ground until planting. We recommend an open paper bag or basket.

    • During storage, leave the bulbs intact to help regulate temperature and moisture, and only crack them (separate the cloves apart) no more than 14 days before you plan to plant.

    • When cracking, only remove the whole bulb wrappers. Do not peel the individual cloves because they need their wrappers to protect against pests!

    • Do not wash, otherwise clean or refrigerate seed cloves.

    • We strongly recommend planting your seed garlic in the Fall directly following purchase. Hardneck garlic requires a cold period for the cloves to become bulbs, and spring planted garlic is not likely to grow to full maturity or get very large.

    • Additionally, because of garlic's high moisture content (unlike many other seeds), cloves will not stay viable (or mold free) much past mid-October.

  • Culinary Garlic Storage Recommendations:

    • While culinary garlic can store for 9 months or more, it is produce and it can naturally deteriorate quickly depending on how well it is handled and stored.

    • Culinary garlic keeps the longest when stored at 60–65°F, in moderate humidity with adequate air circulation, and very little exposure to light. Optimal storage is in a loosely closed paper bag or loosely woven basket. This will allow air to circulate while regulating the amount of moisture surround the bulbs. Literally a paper bag and a dark cupboard can be all it takes!

    • Culinary garlic bulbs also tend to store well in dedicated "garlic keeper" ceramic jars designed with proper ventilation. Or we've had customers recommend putting it in the pantry or a cupboard on a plate under an up-turned, unglazed, terra cotta flower pot with a drain hole in the bottom. This creates a small humidor without cutting off air circulation completely.

    • While we can not guarantee the storage longevity of our culinary garlic, no matter the method used, and all information we provide about storage longevity is an estimation, it has been our experience that when treated with care, many of our garlic varieties can store well into Spring for culinary use.


When we ship your garlic, we send tracking information to the email you provide. Please track your package and open the box immediately upon arrival to inspect your order and get your garlic into proper storage. If there's a problem with shipping or delivery, contact your local post office right away. We have the ability to contact USPS customer service at a high level, but it's usually the local post office that has the answer necessary to resolve shipping issues. If contacting your post office branch does not yield the answer you need, please email us using the form on our Contact Us page, so we can assist you.  



If you place an order for seed garlic after October 15th, you must plant it right away upon arrival, as we can not promise the viability of our seed garlic past October 25th in the year it is purchased. Planting seed garlic by mid- to late-October is imperative because larger bulbs naturally deteriorate a little faster than smaller bulbs, which directly affects the cloves' ability to develop roots and grow into healthy plants.

Garlic Storage
Seed Garlic Viability
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