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Order your fresh, delicious garlic scapes now!

Garlic scapes are the edible flowers that grow from the center of hardneck garlic plants. Scapes are a fleeting,

seasonal delicacy because they're only available for about two weeks in June annually. The light, crisp flavor

of garlic scapes is unbeatable, and will give your early summer meals a memorable, flavorful, delicious pop!

Seed Garlic

We grow all of our garlic naturally, and we never use chemicals at any time during our planting, growing, harvesting or curing processes. Our premium seed garlic bulbs are 2” or larger in size. Seed garlic sells at a higher price than culinary garlic because bulbs are larger. Planting larger cloves increases the likelihood of successful germination and a healthier, heartier plant throughout the growing season.

Wholesale Orders

Our wholesale order minimum is 50lbs, and all orders are carefully hand packed. You're welcome to mix and match garlic varieties in a single wholesale order as long as your total order weight meets our order minimum requirements. Wholesale order pricing includes free delivery and pickup!