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We're sold out of garlic bulbs this season, but we still have black garlic and scape products available!

Culinary Garlic

Gourmet Heirloom Scape Powder

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Garlic scapes are the edible flower stems that grow from the center of the garlic plant in early June. Since this delicacy is only available fresh in early summer, we decided to slow-process dehydrate some and crush it up into powder so we can enjoy the delicate flavor of scapes all year round.

Our pure, gourmet scape powder is made from heirloom garlic scapes, and truly deepens the flavor of any dish it's added to. It has a mild, sweet, roasted green garlic flavor that is also slightly buttery or nutty as a result of the slow drying process. This is the difference between our scape powder and those that are freeze-dried. It is especially delicious in soups, dips and mashed potatoes, mixed into grill rubs, sprinkled on pizza, and added to salad dressings. Our latest, and now most favorite, use for this scape powder is in meatloaf (vegetarian or regular) and meatballs -- either Swedish or with spaghetti!

We don't add any preservatives or anti-caking agents to our Gourmet Heirloom Scape Powder, so even though it might clump slightly after a while and need to be broken up with a fork each time before you use it, you'll get nothing but lovely flavor to enjoy!

Our Gourmet Heirloom Scape Powder Features:
• All-natural scape powder grown, dried and processed in small batches without chemicals.
• Preservative, additive and allergen free.
• Finely ground for easy incorporation into every recipe.
• Makes a great gift any time of year for the chef or foodie you know and love!
• For people who are sensitive to garlic, our garlic scape powder is a gently delicious alternative.
• When kept in an airtight container (like a mason jar) in a cool, dry, dark environment, scape powder will keep for up to 12 months if you can make it last that long!
• Sold in quantities of 1.5oz.
• We will prepare and deliver your order in compliance with all current CDC guidelines for minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

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