We're sold out of seed, culinary and black garlic this year, but our new Scape Powder is delicious!


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We are sold out of all our seed, culinary and black garlic this year, but we're excitedly preparing for harvesting scapes in early June 2021. 

Be sure to check back here in May to pre-order your fresh, delicious scapes, and, in the meantime, you could try our

new Gourmet Heirloom Scape Powder to bring a little warm summer flavor into your cooking as the weather turns cold!

Heirloom Seed Flight

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We choose the garlic varieties in this Heirloom Seed Flight (sampler) to remove the guesswork for you. We look at where you're located, then send 2–3 different varieties of premium, heirloom garlic seed bulbs that will grow well in your area with a range of storage life and a variety of flavors. Our seed flights make great gifts for gardeners of any experience level!

You'll receive a one-pound bundle of premium, heirloom garlic seed bulbs comprised of 2 or 3 different varieties that will grow beautifully to become an essential part of your garden! You'll also receive growing tips, flavor profile notes, and recipe suggestions. There are approximately 12–15 garlic bulbs in this flight, which is 50–60 garlic cloves that will yield 50–60 garlic bulbs at harvest. This amount of seed will plant approximately 12.5–15 square feet, or will fit in a 3' x 5' garden bed.

We grow all of our garlic naturally, and we never use chemicals at any time during our planting, growing, harvesting or curing processes.

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