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Wholesale Culinary Garlic

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We grow and sell nine varieties of superior quality, gourmet and heirloom hardneck garlic varieties for culinary use. Each of our garlic varieties offer their own unique flavor profiles and heat levels.

  • For details about flavor nuances and what each variety will each bring to your cuisine and cooking experience, visit Our Garlic Varieties page.
  • There are approximately 8–12 bulbs or 35-55 cloves per pound depending upon the variety you choose to order.
  • Our minimum order size for wholesale culinary garlic is 30 pounds.
  • We grow all of our garlic naturally, and we never use chemicals at any time during our planting, growing, harvesting or curing processes.
  • While all of our garlic can be eaten or planted, culinary garlic sells at a lower price than seed garlic because bulbs are smaller than 2” in size, and are intended to be eaten instead of planted.
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