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Wholesale Garlic Scapes

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Garlic scapes are the delicious, edible flowers that grow from the center of hardneck garlic plants. Scapes have a wonderful, mild garlic flavor, and when fresh they have a crunchy texture like green beans or asparagus. They can be used raw like scallions to liven up a summer salad, or to make amazing sauces, relishes, salsas and dressings. They can be simply grilled (our favorite), pickled or sautéed too!

Scapes are a fleeting, seasonal delicacy because they're only available for about two weeks in June annually. When refrigerated in a little bit of water (much like you would store asparagus), scapes can keep for 2-3 weeks! They also *freeze, dehydrate, and freeze dry very well.

  • Our wholesale scape order minimum is 25lbs, and all orders are carefully hand packed. One pound includes approximately 75-100 individual scapes.
  • Wholesale order pricing includes free delivery or pickup!
  • After picking scapes in mid-June, we're equipped to deliver wholesale orders while supplies last to locations within 50 miles of the Twin Cities metro area.
  • Free pick up is also available. See our Wholesale page for more ordering and delivery details.
  • We will prepare and deliver your order in compliance with all current CDC, State of MN and MN Department of Health guidelines for minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

*Freezing garlic scapes is a wonderful way to extend their freshness and flavor, but even when frozen in vacuum sealed bags then thawed, they will lose a little of the crisp, crunchy texture they have when fresh. They will still taste great and will be in great shape for many uses though!

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