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We pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers, so we deliver wholesale garlic scapes, bulbs and seed directly to customers, stores, organizations, restaurants and farms in Minnesota and western Wisconsin personally. We're also always happy to make special arrangements for delivery that suit your needs!


Visit the Wholesale Section of our Store, pick the items you like, and submit your order. If you want to customize an order or delivery, or if you just have questions before you order, use the form below to get in touch with us. We would put our phone number here so you could call or text us, but spammers are relentless! We like to stay on top of things though, so we promise to respond promptly via phone, email or text as you prefer.



We think there is no such thing as too much garlic, but if you're concerned about spoilage, rest assured that many of our culinary garlic varieties will stay fresh for over six months if our storage recommendations are followed. Scapes will remain crunchy and fresh if refrigerated standing in a little water (like you would store asparagus) for up to two weeks, or they can be *frozen for longer storage. And seed garlic that is kept cool, dry and out of the sun will be just fine until ready to crack and plant in the fall directly following purchase.



  • Our wholesale order minimum is 15 pounds, and all orders are carefully hand packed.

  • You're welcome to mix and match garlic varieties in a single wholesale order as long as your total order weight meets our order minimum weight requirement.

  • Wholesale order pricing includes free delivery or self-pickup!

  • Culinary garlic and scapes arrive in heavy-duty, ventilated produce boxes. Seed garlic bulbs arrive in large mesh bags.

  • We are equipped to deliver wholesale orders weekly to locations within 50 miles of the Twin Cities metro area and/or the Hackensack/Walker area.



Free self-pickup of wholesale orders is also available on our farm, from various locations in the Twin Cites area, and at the Walker, Pine River, Elk River and Hopkins farmers' markets on specific dates. Check below and on our social media for farmers' market details.

*Freezing garlic scapes is a wonderful way to extend their freshness and flavor, but even when frozen in vacuum sealed bags they will lose some of their crisp, crunchy texture when thawed.

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Summer & Fall 2021

Walker Farmers Market

Thursdays 9:00am – 2:00pm

Green Scene Market, 617 Michigan Ave

  • July 1st - fresh garlic scapes

  • Aug 19th - culinary & seed garlic

  • Aug 26th - culinary & seed garlic

  • Sept 2nd - culinary & seed garlic

Pine River Market Square

Fridays 2:30 – 5:30pm

Corner of Barclay Ave & Hwy 371

  • July 2nd - fresh garlic scapes

  • Aug 20th - culinary & seed garlic

  • Aug 27th - culinary & seed garlic

  • Sept 3rd - culinary & seed garlic

Elk River Farmers Market

Thursdays 3:00 – 7:00pm

Park Plaza parking lot downtown

  • June 24th - fresh garlic scapes

  • Sept 9th - culinary & seed garlic

  • Sept 16 - culinary & seed garlic

  • Sept 23 - culinary & seed garlic

Hopkins Farmers Market

Saturdays 7:30am – 12:00pm

16 9th Avenue South

  • Sept 18th - culinary & seed garlic

  • Sept 25th - culinary & seed garlic