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Culinary Curiosity Flight

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We choose one bulb of each of our available garlic varieties to make up this Culinary Curiosity Flight (sampler). You get to learn which are your favorites to use raw, which you prefer roasted, and which one you like most in your favorite salsa or marinade. You'll get to sample the wide variety of flavor notes and heat levels each of our garlic varieties can offer, while growing your garlic palate, and experimenting in the kitchen. Our flights make great gifts for the foodies and chefs in your life too!

You'll receive a bundle of 8 premium, gourmet, culinary garlic bulbs that we hope will delight your senses and stink up your kitchen. The half-pound bundle contains at least one bulb of each of the available culinary varieties we have available along with flavor profile notes and recipe suggestions for each variety.

We grow all of our garlic naturally, and we never use chemicals at any time during our planting, growing, harvesting or curing processes.

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