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Smoked Garlic

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Our Smoked Garlic gives whatever it's used in just a kiss of smoke, especially when used raw! We take a variety of our culinary garlic bulbs and cold smoke them over hickory shavings for 7–10 hours. The process of cold smoking requires that the temperature of the garlic does not exceed 45°C, which means the bulbs will keep for up to 3 months — that is if you can resist eating them all before then!

Smoked garlic makes for a delicious addition of subtle smokiness to salad dressings, salsa, marinades, dips and sauces.

Our Smoked Garlic is sold in 1/4 pound quantities, and will keep for up to 3 months. Keep your smoked garlic in the mesh bag it came in, or transfer it to an open paper bag or open container, and store it in a cool, dark cupboard. This will allow air to circulate while regulating moisture. Never store smoked garlic in plastic bags, avoid sealed bags and containers, and never opt for the refrigerator or freezer. Moisture and cold are garlic’s enemies!
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